Youngman India’s Access Solutions
Where Safety Meets Efficiency

In today’s world, safety is often neglected when it comes to construction work sites. At Youngman India, we are continuously working towards changing that. Carrying forward the same European technology here in India, Youngman is providing the best quality and safe to use work at height solutions, in order to enhance safety and productivity at construction sites.

With a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, Youngman Manufacturing has become a name to recon with in the work at height equipment manufacturing sector. The company has transferred European technology by investing in robotic welding, laser cutting and patented CMT welding technology that keeps them way ahead from any makeshift manufactured products; not only in terms of reliability, but also precision, quality of the material used and workmanship.

Youngman India is an exclusive partner of Youngman Manufacturing in India, and rents products and provides services to clients in accordance to their requirements. The company provides height access equipment like scaffolds, hanging scaffolds, suspended platforms and ladders, along with tools like impact wrenches, drill machines and many more from reputed companies to contractors looking for quick solutions for their project applications.  

Following are some of the reasons that make our renting services the first choice for its customers:

  • We use Youngman quality aluminium scaffoldings, having special Aluminium alloy of 6082T6, that provides a higher yield strength, while also achieving same strength with lower thickness, thus making Youngman Towers the most lightweight scaffolds in the industry. Our scaffolds are light and strong at same time.
  • Every delivery of scaffolds come with proper user guides and videos to help people understand their usage. Each part of scaffold also has a QR code to help anyone scan and get instant video-based instructions to assemble the system. Moreover, our quick connect and troubleshoot numbers are present to avail free and friendly customer service to help with any concerns with installations and dismantling via WhatsApp/teams/google meet calls with our expert technicians.
  • Our scaffolds are highly versatile and come with many attachments for never ending complexities at work sites, right from cantilevers, to bridging over hurdles, making towers on stairs, giving high clearance for people to move under working scaffolds, to making façade type wide scaffold systems for people to access. Though we expertise in ladderspan model, which is patented to Youngman and has ladders welded onto frames, thereby reducing components to assemble, in case users require frequent climb and descent, we also provide stairway scaffolds.
  • Youngman Services also provides in house design services for finding the best bespoke solution using standard scaffolding components for your needs. For standard builds we have standards to support our structures, but for bespoke builds, we use state-of-the-art software like Autodesk AutoCAD, STAADPro and Dassalt Solidworks, which enable us to deliver tested and simulated systems over wind loads too.
  • Over the period of last 12 years in India, Youngman services has evolved from lightweight aluminium scaffolds like BoSS and Fitout Master to more complex systems of hanging and suspended scaffolding solutions. We work with our customers to bring the best and most widely used systems which have standardisation and certifications to the highest standards in the world.
  • Youngman Services also offers, manning services to support your scaffolding projects, we can not only provide raft of products but also well-trained manpower to help you extract the maximum productivity out of every rupee you spend.
  • Post every rental job, we have stringent methods of segregating the kit in our warehouses, into Ready to Rent & Damaged sections. The ready to rent kit is thoroughly cleaned and made ready for its next rental, whereas damage is quarantined and sent back to our partner Youngman Manufacturing to be taken care of.
  • Always prioritising on safety, the company also provides demonstrations, trainings and sessions to construction workers and safety personnel on how to optimally use work at height solutions without causing accidents.
  • Youngman India has assigned special product managers for specific requirements that may arise for any of our customers.
  • The company has a state-of-the-art digital infrastructure, that helps keep our customers connected and informed on the whole process from booking to delivery to invoicing and training videos. Available at
  • In order to maintain long term solutions, the company also provides credit facilities to its key customers. These are based on time of relationship with us and various credit checks by 3rd parties who help us manage this process further.
  • With an advantage of having more than 18 warehouses across the country, it becomes easier for the company to provide quicker services when compared to any of its competitors.
  • Along with providing access to height solutions, the company also has exclusive collaborations with reputed tool manufacturing companies like HILTI, Makita and more to provide world class tools on rent and resale for customers in need.
  • The company’s On-Site solutions takes care of material availability issues, long and in-effective procurement procedures and other quality, service and delay issues at large construction sites, by providing all tools and equipment at one place, inside the construction site itself.

As a statistic, more than 56% of deaths at worksites are due to falling from heights, 25% of which are caused by the use of improper work platforms. Youngman India is on a mission to provide safe to use and innovative work at height solutions like scaffolds, ladders, work platforms, hanging solutions and suspended platforms to its customers. We carry forward a 100-year product legacy, ease of serviceability, focus on safety and help save time with quicker service to our customers.

If you are looking at renting world class work at height equipment at your work site, write to us at, or give us a call at +91 9015964626 

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