Aluminium Scaffolds

Youngman India, with its experience of over 100 years in the UK, manufactures and rents world class scaffolds, helping reduce the risks that occur due to the usage of improper working platform. 

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Our scaffolds are made of Aluminium, are extremely robust and are easy to build & dismantle as well. Our scaffolding solutions are currently being used by major construction brands across India.

We use Youngman quality aluminium scaffoldings, having special Aluminium alloy of 6082T6, that provides a higher yield strength, while also achieving same strength with lower thickness, thus making Youngman Towers the most lightweight scaffolds in the industry. Our scaffolds are light and strong at same time.

Our scaffolds are highly versatile and come with many attachments for never ending complexities at work sites, right from cantilevers, to bridging over hurdles, making towers on stairs, giving high clearance for people to move under working scaffolds, to making façade type wide scaffold systems for people to access. Though we expertise in ladderspan model, which is patented to Youngman and has ladders welded onto frames, thereby reducing components to assemble, in case users require frequent climb and descent, we also provide stairway scaffolds. 


Rigid and Robust Construction

Safety certification BS EN1004:2004


Al Grade

3T - Through the Trapdoor build method

Ribbed rung tubing for increased grip

Integral ladders with 0.25m climb rung spacing

Our Solutions

BoSS Stairway Scaffold

BoSS Ladderspan Scaffold

BoSS Cantilever Scaffold

BoSS Bridge Scaffold

Fitout Master Scaffold

We have a network of more than 18 warehouses across the country!

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