Case Studies

ITC Rajputana- Cleaning of Jhoomar

Problem Statement- A Jhoomer at the main reception hall of the Hotel had to be cleaned, and the hotel had only 5 hours to spare till the guests woke up.

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Singapore Airline Terminal- Delhi T3

Problem Statement- The client required glass roof glazing at a height of 14.2 mts at the Airport terminal.

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Hanging Scaffold- The First In India

Problem Statement-  Work Platform requirement for MEP work at 24m height without blocking the ground space.

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IICC Dwarka, New Delhi

Problem Statement-  Needed a single solution for several contractors hired by L&T without taking up space in the ground area.

Youngman's Solution- 

We provided a hanging scaffold solution to L&T, which was convenient for several electrical and mechanical contractors to work at a single time. 

Following pain points were solved- 

  • Freed up the complete ground area, thus creating better mobility. 
  • Several smaller contractors could work at the same time, which saved a lot of time and energy for L&T to arrange work at height solutions for each contractor individually.
  • Machinery and tools could be carried in one go, thus helping save a lot of time.  

Mumbai Metro Project

Problem Statement-  Needed to work on the 3-9 o clock part of the tunnel which was difficult to access

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HPCL Barmer  Refinery   Project

Problem Statement-  Required working on pipe racks which is difficult with a conventional scaffolding system.

Youngman's Solution-  

We provided a hanging solution to the client, which ensured safety along with maximum productivity

Pain points we resolved- 

  • Freed up the entire ground area for a cleaner operation
  • Created an easy to access hanging scaffold that facilitated work on pipe racks 
  • No other platform was required, and all the equipment and workers could use the same hanging platform for their work.