Industrial safety is paramount, and we can talk about how safety is becoming more important in industries and construction. 

Usually, before any work is performed, a Risk Assessment is conducted as to assess the current risk score, post which control measures are taken to reduce risk. This is how safety is improved at Workplace.

Lets have a quick overview of the Hierarchy of Controls

Let us now see how the Hierarchy of Controls fit into workplace safety. 

We use Mobile Access Towers/ MAPS/ Scaffolds extensively to provide work at height solutions. This has helped create a bigger market for such products, also inviting abuse and violations to perhaps achieve a lower price point in a price sensitive market like India.

Work at height is all about increasing safety.


When working at height, if we follow hierarchy of controls, we should first eliminate working at height


If elimination is not a feasible, substitution is the way forward. Here is where  Mobile access towers take the lead for low height works till 12m inside and 8m outside work.

Height can be increased with special design to check load carrying capacities with simulations. Mobile access towers, are usually available in Aluminum and Composite (Fiberglass)

Engineering Controls

Post substitution we suggest following engineering controls which are useful like

  • In Built ladder models: 3T method of climbing
  • For staircase models: Either Walkthrough Gate or Enclosed Structure & Side climb
  • Click sound on locking braces

Admin Controls

Post Engineering Controls we suggest following Admin Controls:

  • HIRA/ Risk assessment
  • Trainings
  • Scaffold Tags
  • Safety supervision and Scaffold inspector at premise
  • TBT


Post Admin Controls we suggest following PPE:

  • Use Proper Helmet with chin support for adequate fitment and high visibility jackets
  • DO NOT ANCHOR Harness to Mobile scaffold system

If all the above factors are taken care of, we can assure that the industry will thrive on additional safety and productivity for its construction workers. 

At Youngman, we are committed towards providing safety with productivity. Our Access Towers are built with the finest quality Aluminium alloys, and lay extra emphasis on providing safe and easy to use work at height solutions for our customers across the country.  

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