Australian Embassy Case
JLL India

Executive Summary

JLL hired Youngman India for providing work at height equipment for painting and maintenance work at the Australian embassy in New Delhi.


Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) India for Australian Embassy


  • Proper safety protocols were required to be followed at the site and while installation and dismantling, since it was a live working area with a lot of people moving around.
  • The complete embassy area was to be covered, and the time duration for the project was just 3 months. If traditional methods were to be used, it would have taken three months just to install the scaffolding system. 
  • Since it was paint and maintenance work, a proper work area needed to be provided, which was stable and could handle larger loads. 

Youngman’s Solution

  • Youngman pitched an Aluminium based Façade and Bridge combination to them, while quickly getting it designed via our expert team of Engineering Designers and Product Managers. 
  • To ensure safety of the structure, the workers and other people present at the premises, a proper load analysis was conducted through design tools, thus helping ensure safety. 
  • Since the time duration was stiff, we suggested aluminium based system over traditional systems, along with our own team of 9 experienced scaffolders for the installation and dismantling process, and a trained supervisor for timely action and delivery for the entire duration of the project.


  • Satisfied with our services in two different areas of the embassy for which we were hired for, JLL also gave us the project for the third area as well.
  • The work that would have taken 4-5 months if traditional scaffolding solutions were used, was completed in 2 month 15 days, with atleast 15 days to spare from the original timeline of 3 months.
  • Productivity skyrocketed to 3 times when compared to traditional scaffolding systems, since lesser manpower was required for the installation and dismantling process.
  • Façade and bridges were equipped with integrated ladders and stairway systems, thus increasing safety of the workers.
  • Compared to traditional scaffolding systems, the actual cost incurred was 1/3rd for the client.

Cost Saving


Time Saving


Productivity* of 7.5

*this productivity is inclusive of idle time of the workers. If idle time is removed, productivity value may reach upto 25


Satisfied and happy with the solution we provided to JLL, the company’s Assistant Facilities Manager provided us with a letter of appreciation mentioning the value we created for JLL in the project, and how we helped the company with the success of the High Commission project.


So if you think traditional scaffolding solutions are cost effective, think again. The time and manpower you save makes our system to be extremely cost effective, productive and extremely safe when compared to traditional solutions.

What are you waiting for? Let us know your requirements below, and we will help you with all your work-at-height requirements!

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