Case Study
Meta Conversation 2023 Jio World

Problem Statement

Staging, Lighting and Screen Fixing at heights above 8 meters at multiple locations, with limited time availability to start the event.

Youngman's Solution

Youngman suggested 4 sets of aluminium mobile towers to the client, along with 14 expert scaffolders to quickly erect and dismantle scaffolds as and when required on site.

The manpower was provided for the entire time of the event, and the 4 mobile access towers were used at different locations to get the work completed on time and with precision.

Due to Youngman’s light weight aluminium mobile access towers, it became extremely easy to move towers safely from one place to another, reducing manual labour.

Problems Resolved

  • Lightweight scaffolds helped with easy movement, thus saving time
  • Less time required for erection and dismantling due to expert manpower on site


Increased Productivity
Total Time Reduction
Australian Embassy Case
JLL India