ITC Rajputana- Cleaning of Jhoomar

Problem Statement- A Jhoomer at the main reception hall of the Hotel had to be cleaned, and the hotel had only 5 hours to spare till the guests woke up.

Youngman’s Solution- A scaffold was constructed over the sofa area, with limited space availability. Started work at 1 am at night, and installed the scaffold by 1:30 am.

The cleaning work happened till 4 am in the morning, and the scaffold was dismantled and loaded in the truck by 5 am.

The project manager was highly impressed by the professionalism we showed at the site, and the quick delivery, assembly and dismantling of the scaffold without creating any mess around the reception area.

The team present at the hotel were offered official breakfast by the hotel management, and we were given an appreciation letter from the hotel for the timely completion of work.

Pain points we resolved for the client-

  • The area where the scaffold was installed was constricted by the sofa which could not be moved, and we maneuvered through it for our construction.
  • Since there was a time constraint, we provided an aluminium access tower that was easily installed and dismantled by our team of skilled technicians.
  • The lobby floor was shiny marble, and we ensured that the installation process did not leave a single scratch on the floor because of our castor wheels.