Singapore Airline Terminal- Delhi T3

Problem Statement-

The client required glass roof glazing at a height of 14.2 mts at the Airport terminal.

Youngman’s Solution-

Youngman India was approached for doing a project at Delhi airport T3 for Singapore airline and Lufthansa terminals, where glass roof glazing had to be conducted.

Challenging the conventional method of MS scaffolds, which not only calls for lot of labour to be used but also lot of time usage in putting up the scaffold, we suggested a BoSS scaffold system made of Aluminium to be installed till the required height of the glass ceiling.

The scaffold had a proper space for two people to stand along with extra space to keep material on a safely fixed platform. The scaffold also had platforms at every two meters for easy access, and also complied as per EN1004 safety standards.

In a span of 3 days, we were able to get 253 glasses glazed at a height of 14.2 mts, since the scaffold can be easily moved from one location to another in the work area.

Because of our scaffolding system, the work got completed in just 3 days against the stipulated 7 days. When we offered a refund of the remaining 4 days to the client, they asked us to keep the amount as a gift, since they were extremely delighted with our solution.

Pain Points we resolved-

  • Conventionally used MS Scaffolds are extremely unsafe due to the missing guardrails and platforms. Youngman towers come with proper guardrails and platform at every 2m. They are certified BSI as per EN1004 which re the standards to safely work at heights.
  • Our Aluminium scaffold was extremely easy to move when compared to MS Scaffolds, that are heavy and bulky in their design.
  • Work which would have ideally taken approximately 45 days to complete, was completed in just 3 days because of our highly versatile scaffold system.

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