Customized Solutions

Youngman India provides several customized height access solutions to our clients in accordance to their requirements. 

Unique Solutions for All Your Work At Height Requirements

Youngman Services always strives towards building unique work-at-height solutions, catering to our customer's requirements. Our designers and team of expert engineers work day and night to create and deliver excellent solutions that are certified for Safety, Productivity and and excellent Quality

Our customized scaffolding solutions help you reach difficult heights with utmost ease and complete your work with precision, without hampering time and cost. Let us take a look at the different kinds of customizations we have available with us. 

Dual Side Cantilever Tower

Best Suited for work inside tunnels where a round area is to be covered. These scaffolds have cantilevers made with couplers on both sides of a single width aluminium scaffolds.

Bridge Towers

A Bridge tower is constructed using two single/double width scaffolding structures joined by lattice beams via couplers in order to create a wider working area. This type of a structure is best suited for jobs that require covering larger areas, and where more workers are required on the platform at a single point in time.

Butteress Towers

This type of tower is constructed by connecting two smaller height towers to one big tower on each sides, in order to create a support for the bigger tower, helping in going to heights greater than the prescribed limits with increased safety and increased productivity. This is best suited for warehouses where ceiling heights are more than 12 metres. 

Facade Towers

Facade Towers are made by connecting same size single/double width towers with each other with the help of couplers. These towers are best suited for working on entire walls, in events or working on boilers and other chimney structures. 

Bridge + Facade Towers

A combination of bridge and facade towers are mostly used for ceiling work, window cleaning and false ceiling installations. These can be straight line structres, or built in a L shape around the building. 

Single Side Cantilever Towers

Single side Cantilever towers are extremely useful when working on a wall structure with obstruction at the bottom side of the wall. A single width cantilever is attached to a single/double width tower.

These are just some examples of customized solutions we have built for our customers. Our design and engineering team are always looking for new challenges and opportunities to create work at height solutions that are unique, safe and help with your productivity.

Reach out to us today if you are facing trouble with accessing heights due to any constraints. We are here to help you!