Youngman India is working closely with several companies, providing work at height solutions along with safety trainings, live demonstrations and much more.

Along with just providing scaffolds and ladders on rent, we try providing a holistic solution to our clients, in order to create a safe and productive workspace. Our team of skilled scaffolders, supervisors and expert managers work with our clients towards solving work at height problems in the long run.

We have done similar work for Tata Projects as well, where we not only provided safe to use and productive aluminium mobile towers, but also went ahead and provided live demos, scaffold usage trainings from our UK experts and setting up our Onsite at the Noida International Airport for easy tool and equipment rent and sales.

We also went ahead and set up safety parks at several of these sites, which helped promote safety while working at height, the correct usage of PPE and covered other safety aspects as well.

Let us delve down as to what we have done for Tata Projects.

Noida International Airport Site

ONSITE Establishment

PASMA Trainings by UK Experts

Scaffolding Deployment at Tata NIA and Labour Colony

New Parliament Building- New Delhi

Scope of Work 

Ceiling and Finishing Work

Solution Provided

BoSS DW Tower ranging from 3 meters to 17 meters for Indoor work at the parliament.

Pain points Resolved

  • Improved Safety and Productivity by 50%
  • Time Saving Solution
  • Easily movable due to light weight Aluminium Alloy.

TCS IT Park- Indore

Scope of Work 

Wall Finishing

Solution Provided

Two Buttress towers to support a higher working height

Pain points resolved

  • Increased Safety and Productivity
  • Ability to safely work on greater heights

Amazon Data Centre- Hyderabad

Scope of Work  

To work on a cable tray at a very constrained space (1.8m*0.85 mtrs)


We provided a Façade tower with cantilevers to fill up the constrained spaces, allowing the team to work easily.

Pain Points Resolved

  • Provided a solution that allowed work in a narrow space of 1.8*0.85 mtrs.
  • The façade system provided utmost safety for the workers
  • The whole system helped improve productivity by more than 50% for the worksite
  • The work could be completed in a shorter timeline than predicted due to quick installation.

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